Please kind people remember, stories posted on this site will resonate across the world and fill the lives of many in need with the medicine for all… HOPE. 

We ask you with an uplifting and loving heart to share ONLY your stories of how you beat cancer. 
Your journey to recovery is the road map for others. 


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Welcome to my site
Hello everyone. I decided I wanted to create a website that was solely devoted to hope. My mother is currently battling cancer. Therefore, as her son, I am in the trenches and ready to battle by her side. She is my entire life and truly my best friend. My hope is that this site will be full of stories of people that beat this horrible disease. In my heart, I have so much faith that people feel the same as I do, so with complete humility I ask you to share your journey that led you, fed you, motivated you, and pushed you to beat cancer.

Remember, your story, your journey will be a daily reminder to so many people in need of the medicine of all… HOPE.

My love, my prayers

Matt Goss

I have long pondered this testimony, I do, or not? If it helps someone, I will not be useless. The month of my 40th birthday in May 2014, breast cancer was diagnosed. What a shock, even though I was followed because my mother had one (she is healthy today). I decided to be treated in a hospital in Paris (Curie Institute). Sorry for my English, you guessed I am French. I had 6 sessions of chemotherapy, surgery and 33 radiotherapy sessions. I was surrounded by family, friends, colleagues. But despite this, with this disease, one is alone with her and no one can really understand what is going on in your head. I do not want to be tired and I was very little, a little sick with chemotherapy, but bearable. 
What I have done to help me move forward: 
* Make a list of things you want to make (a trip to England a trip to the United State to go listen to Matt Goss, although this is not my style of music, but sorry !!!!!!!! it always reminds me of the good times of my adolescence where all those you love are still there and you're carefree and healthy; a tattoo as a key life with angel wings on my forearm .. .), 
* Note all your medical appointments and block them once they have passed (at first it scared all these dates, then the more we advance, the less there is to do) 
* Do whatever you want and do not patronize people you do not want to see or you feel negative to you 
* I'm not tightened on my family, on the contrary, I wanted to meet people outside. My mother struggled to understand it. She felt guilty for her because she had sent me this illness. 
* Not to repeat several times the same things, I created a private group on Facebook to give my news and my relatives were able to send me messages without fear of disturbing me. 
What has been the hardest for me: 
* No longer go to work, I had never been ill in my life and I went from school to work, without ever stopping. I'm not an inner woman !!!!!! 
* Be sick, I had never been in the hospital, and the doctor could see very little. So I was very healthy before, which had to help me cope with all treatments. 
* Lose her long hair, but they reject it takes time. I'm tired of my wig even if it says it suits me perfectly because it looks like my hair and it does not distort 
* A psychological change, I was not someone inactive and now it's even worse !!!!! I want to change everything 
What I have learned from me and what was positive: 
* I am strong in fact, I very tolerant of pain, I do not know. 
* I lost weight 10kg voluntarily, I still eat more healthily and being at home, I 1:30 elliptical and 100 abdominals. Exercise and a good weight limit recurrence. Carli thank you. 
* I want to travel, I like to meet new people. 
* I kept for me the bad times, I did not complain, I did not want to talk about my dark thoughts. 
What will remain to me: 
* A fear of recurrence 
* Even if we are healed, we always think of this disease. And now, hear then talk about cancer we had one, it is very difficult. 
* I have to watch my left arm because it removed glands me, I never did not pay attention to that before. 
I'm told that I'm strong, it is not my opinion. I had no choice. 
On 8 May, I celebrated my 41 years. In June, I have my first monitoring visit. I return to work in July and this summer I'm going riding horse again. 
Sorry for my English, sorry for this long testimony. 
Be strong, all find reasons to be strong. 

Nathalie, FRANCE 
 I'm very blessed to be an 11 year + survivor of an aggressive form of breast cancer called Her2 positive for which there was no treatment in 2003. My treatment included surgery, heavy-duty chemo for 6 mo,, radiation, 5 years of hormone therapy & a year of a clinical trial for Herceptin! Although not anticipated to improve survival rates much, it turned out that the weekly treatments prevented recurrence in 58% of the cases and I, so far, am one. I got through treatment with recommended meds, visualization, meaningingful music & songs like #strong & a desire to maintain the quality of life where possible. I was blessed to travel with my family, attend my kids' sports& school events as well as graduations from high school and college. & volunteer for Susan G. Komen. I still volunteer as part of the Race Leadership Committee for the Washington DC Komen Race for the Cure. I walk & raise money & provide outreach to breast & other cancer patients so that all may have the opportunities I did- to have the time to beat the disease and live long enough to pursue all their dreams, big & small. Family time was my most important dream. I have also been able to pursue others as well- para gliding, bungee swinging & jet boating in New Zealand (all glorious), hot air ballooning over the Tetons in Wyoming & para sailing in Cancun! I also have learned and competed in ballroom dancing. Life is a wonderful trip and I want everyone to have a long and wondrous experience. A clinical trial saved me. Now I fight to raise money for a cure for everyone. I am grateful for the opportunity to personally meet & thank Matt Goss at the Washington Race where he raised us up and inspired hope and strength with his beautiful song #strong.
I was diagnosed at age 36 with Triple negative breast cancer and also the brca2 gene stage 1 just 2 months before my 37th birthday. I was in shock but that shock was taken over by the power of just acting as though I was not sick and saying to myself this is temporary let's just to this and get it over with. I did not wish to speak about it during my process as I learned we all have our own way of coping. I think I did not have enough time to think everything went so quick pretests and the within a month and a half surgery was scheduled to have a bi lateral nipple sparring mastectomy with 4 lymp nodes removed and expanders. My decision was easy and made immediately as I found out I had the brca2 gene to just take them both no hesitation which I am happy with that decision. I then had 4 months of the most aggressive chemotherapy due to my type of breast cancer I had it rough not like many but I worked through the whole thing I prepared each week with what was needed and worked from home most of it regardless of side effects. I prayed and prayed and God blessed me and got me through the tough days as not all of us have the same experiences and every day I continue to just say I got this! My mind set has changed from the beginning of diagnosis to be Positive, be healthy, and know that as a single Mom with three kids they needed me Strong! Once chemo was over it was followed by reconstructive surgery and 6 months later having my ovaries and tubes removed. We all have bad days it's life but keeping Positive gets you through the toughest days along with faith. I have gained so much from all of this and have been able to become such a Stronger and outgoing person not caring about what people think. It's about me and enjoying my life to the fullest, doing things I would be afraid to, helping others going through it now, I now have the ability to make an impact in others through my experience and help and have helped so many who have gone through or are going through it now. God Bless!! Prayers are with each and everyone❤ xo
 It was already a sunny day... In fact, by London standards, it was positively tropical! Who knew that, whilst I had been spending precious Family-time, it was about to become even brighter! The phone rang, my Mother answered and continued to converse for some time, growing increasingly animated! She passed the phone to me, with the introduction of "You're going to want to hear this voice!"...As ever, she was SO right, because it was my dear cousin to whom I had not spoken to in, what seemed like forever... She had moved and so we had been corresponding with her..but not hearing back... However, as a Family, we had faith that whenever the time was right, we would be back in touch. It transpired that she had been fighting cancer and with the best will in the world, was not able to respond, until yesterday when she explained the medical prognosis of only having six weeks to live, the routine of operations, which she had experienced and the home-help which had helped her through her most vulnerable stages of rehabilitation...She spoke with such a matter-of-fact clarity and as I hung on her every word, my inner sadness faded away. She declared, "I am here for a reason...because the prognosis was a year ago and I am now back in my own home, helping myself!!" I declared that, not only was she a walking, talking miracle, but, furthermore, she was, indeed, here to prove the doctors wrong...which (she added) they have conceded with joy! Needless to say, as the conversation came to a conclusion, after an hour-or-so, we were all so excited to have been pleased that the love and hugs which were sent in the correspondence had reached her... and so blessed that we could now look forward to giving them to her, in person, very, very soon... 
Peace, Love, Light and God Bless to all.xx
Today I talked to my neighbour who got through the hardest time of her life. As she was getting her treatment for breastcancer her husband unexpectedly died. Her prognosis was not good, and we all worried, especially now that the man she had lived with so many years wasn’t there to encourage her anymore. As days went by we witnessed how she kept fighting, determined to live life to the full. She said “I have to live for him now too, can’t give up, I’m the one who’s still alive…” It took our breath away to see how such a tiny lady could possibly be the strongest person we had ever seen. She wanted to live, not just survive…and that’s what she did, she didn’t survive, she LIVES ! You should see her now. The tiny lady who took her desteny in her own hands, kept on fighting, and finally beat cancer !
Giving Hope To people always and forever!!!
Well I always do give hope to all the people in general, but also for and to all the cancer patients, to fight for their healing and I just do feel I need to do that! Since I do believe in Angels to, I also did receive 8 feathers myself to say to me we are here for you and around you!

– I already do most also for all the people who are ill and who do have relatives or friends who are to. So for them I always do my prayers & burn my candles! And most of the times people do let me know that it means the world to them what I’m doing.

Also someones dad was very ill, and I did my prayers+burned my candles & when I contacted that person afterwards he felt much better to. It’s the only reason why I’m doing that, no matter what. I really do hope that it helps what I’m doing, but I never gonna give-up this. Never! As I say & also want to let you know I can feel things from other people especially the pains so I really need to do this. And God is also with me, the light of my sweetst mum to and that gives me the courage and the faith to do what I’m doing for everyone!

At this right moment my candles are burning again for everyone who is fighting cancer &/or who’s healed from cancer to!

– What I’m doing these last weeks is giving Hope, do my prayers & burning candles to my own aunt called Paula! Well they did tell her that it wasn’t looking very good for her as she has a cyste who was growing of course she’s affraid and still is, but I did tell her that she really needs to stay positive at all times, no matter what also till the end of all the examinations & I kept on giving her “Hope”!! She needed to go 3 times to the hospital well I stayed with her. I always did my prayers the evenings before she had to go as well as burning my candles!

Well now they let her know that the cyste isn’t cancer, but they wanted to take it out anyway, they don’t tr ust it. Don’t know if my prayers did work here, but I do feel yes! Also for keeping someone positive it helps. now we need to see if she can have surgery for taking it out because of her heart to, but we need to stay positive at all times right?! I just gonna continue what I did before praying and burning my candles!

Now what I did for the 2nd person is the following :

Message of Carmel: Sasha is only 32 years old, has 2 kids, she’s diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) this week and startted Chemo today 15/03/2015!! It’s such a cruel disease. We are all praying for positive outcomes. Her cancer is usually found in over 65s xx Yes she was diagnose on Thurs they started chemo Sunday. She’ll be in hosp min. 6 months then she’ll have stem cell replacement.

*FingersCrossedForSasha!!! @carmelle09974

Please get your picture getting in to @carmelle09974 and you need to send the pictures with #FingersCrossedForSasha!!! Thank you very much and on the Facebook profile! Thanks for your help in advance XXXX

I did make another message with 4 pictures and one of the pictures is with fingers crossed fingers! And I tried to put them onto all my pages and profiles and of course I did & still do my prayers!!! To give real “Hope” & Faith to Sasha!!!

Well this evening on 30-03-2015 I did receive a message of lovely Carmel that Sasha is doing well, has been in a lot of pain, but they are managing it a bit better now. #fingerscrossedforsasha

So I asked her to still doing my prayers and candles and that they wanted me to do more aswell!!

So to me this sounds all very positive so fare & I will never giving this up! These where my stories for today & I really do hope that you all do like them!

You always do need to give “Hope”, support & faith. Much Angelslove, healing light and lots of peace to everyone out there!

Support & Hope always and forever!

With all my heart and love!

From I.A. XXX
Hold Amy’s Hand
As we were all getting excited about Matt Goss coming to the UK for some shows, his friend Steven posted something on twitter about a woman, Amy Watts, who’s fighting coloncancer. I read the story, it made me sad and was hoping someone could help her. Only a few days later Matt himself wrote he would do a show to help her raise money for surgery. (Waw, how could I not have thought of it that he would be the first to help, should have seen that coming) The show was on monday, and I heard it was fantastic, raised a good part of the 100.000£ needed to help Amy. (Well done Matt, you’re so strong doing this) What followed next was a wave of solidarity rolling across the UK, crossing borders all the way to where I live. Amazing, and no words to describe the feeling of knowing that hope was created.

I don’t know Amy, don’t know her family, and I probably never will, but from now on she lives in my heart.

You’re in my thoughts Amy, and I wish you all the best in the world, hoping you keep faith. We’re all here for you, but you’re the one who needs to get through this. Stand strong, keep fighting girl, there is hope in better future for you. Xx

Big hugs,

Veerle. Xxx


you can still donate on 

you can make a difference….
I was 44 when I had my surgery. In those years they did radicals and removed the whole breast . Then 3 months later they removed the 2nd breast. I will be 92 in a few weeks. In those years I was very active. We were military and traveled all over. After my husband retired we moved to Las Vegas. Three months after we arrived I was asked to be Pres of the retired Officers Wives Club.When I finished with that I became Pres of STAR Org which the Aux for the Helen J. Stewart School. Following that I became Pres of the local Chapter of City Of Hope. I was written in the book of Who Are The Women Of Las Vegas 1984. UNLV started a program for Seniors called Excell which I joined in it is called OLLI and I am still going. I guess by being so busy has helped me. No one believes my age but that is because I am so active. I am not bragging but I feel very fortunate that I have had such a full and wonderful life.
The Absence of Fear Is Not Courage
When I saw what Matt Goss (and thank you, Matt) was doing I was so inspired I wrote over a thousand word piece about my experiences. I’ll distill it down here and put the other on my blog later.

If you’re in fear and/or anger, try to see this as an open-minded skeptic would. What if?

Colo/rectal cancer. Just the phrase made me want to gag.The tumor was large and in a difficult location. After the diagnosis I spent three days in my house without leaving.

I was 64, divorced with no kids or family close by and on the back end of a financial disaster. It took me two weeks but here’s what I did. What you can do too.

While I respect the medical profession, I refuse to put them or anyone else on a pedestal. I respectfully asked questions, even when they wanted to leave the exam room.

My intention was my desired outcome; to survive and live in good health. The only things I could control were my actions and my reactions. No one can control outcome.

I wrote out three things:
What else can I do?”
What do I need?

I’m not religious but do believe in God and prayer. M.A.G.I.C. is my acronym for “Miracles According to God’s Infinite Creativity.” I realized at that moment what it really meant.

I then wrote out in big letters, “HOPE!”

I decided to to do all that I could to achieve my intention and release my attachment to the outcome, for which I had no control anyway. My fear was amazingly released.

I laughed daily, found gratitude where I could and allowed what would come to come and deal with it as it showed up. I refused pity but accepted help.

Everything I needed came as needed including one of the top five specialists in the world and money.

The same energy that drives fear and skepticism can be used to drive hope. Fear restricts you to miss anything else but the negative possibilities.

Create your highest intention and release trying to control the outcome. Just do all you can do to achieve your intention. The rest can take care of itself.

Hope with action will replace fear.

Two and a half years after the last surgery I’m cancer free. At age 68 I run stairs most mornings for my exercise and take long walks. I avoid genetically modified foods when I can but otherwise, I “eat and drink happy.”

“May you live all the days of your life,” Jonathan Swift

Blessings on your journey

Tom Justin
Helping someone beat cancer
When I was very young my uncle Colin was diagnosed with cancer. I remember this amazing out come to this day. Colin had a lot of support from the whole family. We would always pull together and we would make sure that he was properly cared for and this gave him enough strength to be able to beat cancer. Colin managed to beat cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 42 and he managed to live to the right old aged of 98. So this shows that if you have support and hope you can live a fulfilling life and you will be able to tackle any harsh illnesses and win any battle.
Although i have a real pain in my abdomen everyday from morning to night , like is painful and no air to breath or is inflamed after every meal , i drink liquids, tea , fruits, 3 meals, although i made apendix operation with video camera and i felt ok, this inflamation was also before i am with signs which will cure, i stay pozitive no matter what can happen to me from now and tomorrow . I try to feel calm and be optimist with everything but i feel very bad inside my skin, is not about intestine, i was at many doctors, no effect! All analise are very good,different pills don’t make me feel better.In case someone knows a case like this i wish to be contacted on my email :

My hope is that I wish to be good with my abdomen in a day, i wish i don’t feel so bad every night.

I am optimistic and try to not feel the pain but i wish to be healthy ! Thank you ..
Medicine in Romania
Me ! I had 5 diagnostics in 4 months and a half in Romania. Many doctors, many analise, in present, no rezults. All analise good. I feel very bad with my abdomen . My hope beside healthy diet is God and few analise which i will be given rezults . I am sad …

I wish to be good faster and i wish sometimes not to die at my age ! 25 years old..
My Dad
In Feb 2014, my dad was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He used to and still does check himself at least once a day every day as his dad had this cancer and passed from it in 1974 and my dad was convinced he was going to get it although it is not hereditary. It was just a coincidence. He went to the doctors the next day. He is self employed and has a very high paid and respectable job (his hourly earnings is similar to what people earn in a week), he employed me in this business, he looks after my mum as she is all and he is like a daddy to my daughter (she doesn’t see her real dad). It was awful as I’m very much a daddy’s girl (only girl have 2 brothers). We found out just before a big party that had been organised for years. Apart from the 1st lot of chemotherapy, he was okay and he didn’t lose his hair or moustache although they thinned. His radiotherapy went okay as well. He was give the all clear in August. After a lot of hoping and praying. This just shows the importance of self checking and going to the doctors straight away if you see anything at all. They said it was because it was found so early that he didn’t become too ill. We just Thank The Lord every day now that he is okay. Verity x.
Living and loving life
Dear Matt

I am so sorry to hear about your Mum, I met her many times and became very fond of her when working as makeup artist on your Bros tours. I too lost my Mum to breast cancer 14 years ago and so wasn’t surprised to be diagnosed myself 6 years ago. I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and thought I was clear until last summer when I had trouble breathing. After more surgery I woke up with a chest drain and the news that my cancer was now classed as stage 4 and incurable. Shocking for me and my family but the wake-up call I needed to make some changes. I re-evaluated all aspects of my life, changing my diet, fully embracing an even healthier lifestyle and most importantly looking at my emotional health. I see an amazing naturapath and have detoxed physically and emotionally. I have finally learned to love myself and have total faith in the power of my body to heal itself, I am no longer scared and I know that I am going to be well and stay well. After 9 months I had my chest drain removed and my tumours have become in-active and I know that in time they will disappear. I have never felt more vibrant and alive than I do now. I have learnt so much about myself and my strength and capacity for love.I am a totally different person, I would say with my hand on my heart that I am grateful for all the lessons and I love the person that I have become because of my journey. I look forward to my future with excitement and a heart full of love for a life where every single moment is a precious gift.

My message to anyone would be to love and nurture yourself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and to believe in the power of love.

My testomany
Before i was born my mom had trouble carrying me and i she nearly lost me once and then wen i was born i was premature about 5 weeks and then i had to have an operation as my gullett was bent and i had two clarical veins rapped around there is a name for what i had but i cant remember it.. i couldnt eat food either it came down my nose so i had operation and lots of medication left me with operation scars and i had slight heart murmor too and still hav but hav no bad effects and also i had all my teeth out wen i was 22 because of my medication wen i was younger they would have been good as well i was awake wen i had them out roots as well and then had dentures.. also have trouble with my ears all my reports keep saying that i am slightly deaf i have narrow passages through my ears… still got to go and hav hearing test but believing for posotive results…. but see God is with me all the way and He with you guys…. gave me the strength and my parents brother and grandparents at the time …. i am here for a reason dont no wot yet guess you cud say i am a walking miracle….. but am blessed and feel a stronger person as result and faith too thanking God for what He has done… i am now 44 so this is a posotive out come…. and hopefully bless others too… sally
My miracles
I just got my two year all clear from stage 3 Hodgkins lymphoma. I had 12 rounds of grueling chemo. I was struck down with, septicemia, pulmonary embolism’s, meningitis, chickenpox, staph aureus and many more infections. I nearly died 3 times. I almost gave up fighting with tiredness, but, I had hope. I believed in prayer and miracles. I knew if God wanted me I would be happy to join him, but I didn’t want to leave my family. Hope is all I had and I clung to it. I live my life very differntly now. I cherish everyday. Im grateful for all I have, and want for nothing. Cancer tought me gratitude. Im happier than ever, and kinda glad it happened. .
Hi every one my mum is fighting pancreas cancer and liver they gave her just two month to live in January with no treatment apart from palliative care and she is still with us I know it will not be long now but every day is a challenge for her and she just keeps on fighting the doctor was in today and said to me I cant believe she has bounced back again she is one remarkable woman. my mum is my life and I don’t know what am going to do with out her but every day is a bonus for me am so proud to call her my mum Xxx
2013 breast cancer
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013 in march I had me left breast removed and also my lymph nodes

My battle against cancer had started

Four weeks aftee my op I got married on Saturday 20april to peter my partner of ten years

My chemo statred on the following Monday god I was so scared the nurses where so nice

Chemo made me so sick I lost all my hair quickly and a lot of weight my bones my skin my throat I hurted everywhere

I was so tired fed up and sick

I had many nights in hospital and some very near misses but I finaly got through it all with the help of my family and friends

I then had radiotherapy for three weeks every weekday it made so tired again

But I was gonna win this

Today just over a year since my chemo my hair is back all curly when it use to be straight

I have just been given the all clear for 6 months and im of to see the surgeon in june about reconstruction so im on the mend

I have to take tamoxifen everyday and the side effects arnt nicr but its a small price to pay for being alive

I need to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me xx
In 1991 my father became ill and each week seemed to grow progressively worse. He lost around 56lbs in weight and was like a walking skeleton. Finally, they diagnosed him with cancer in his colon and admitted him. They operated. He remained in hospital one week. They called him the miracle patient. He was 61 years old. Three years later the cancer returned to his bowel. They said when they finally got him on the operating table, his bowel was so distended that one more hour and it would have burst. Again he was in hospital for one week. He made a full and complete recovery. Cancer never returned and when he did pass away at the age of 79, it was in his sleep, in bed beside my mother. He had it twice and he beat it. We got 18 years of life with him that the cancer didn’t steal from us. Where there is life, there is HOPE! Life is worth fighting for and hope helps keep that fight going. Keep the flame of hope burning bright!
there will always be hope
Twenty years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer she was 40 and I was 20, she is the best mother a girl could hope for. She stayed positive throughout every step of her treatment, through the tears and the tremendous strain those daily visits to the hospital for radium put on her body. We were all willing and praying that she would get better. Slowly with every day post treatment she got stronger. With every appointment that we heard the news the cancer hadn’t returned we all got stronger. Family strength gets you through the hard times. Twenty years on she’s still the best mother a girl could hope for and this year is so special as she’s just celebrated her 60th birthday and I will be celebrating my 40th with my fabulous mother by my side!
Having one parent battle and beat cancer was difficult enough, but our family strength was tested again six years ago when my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The prognosis was not good. When the surgeon operated he also found cancer in his colon. Every night I prayed. If prayer and hope could save my mother and give her the strength to beat cancer then surely prayer and hope could work again. I am so blessed that my prayers were answered. A long hard battle faced my father but he stayed strong. The scars on his body nothing compared to the scars on out hearts and we were desperately hoping we could have another miracle. He is now also cancer free. Hope exists. Keep strong. Keep believing. Fight the fight because the winning is so worthwhile xx
ovarian cancer stage 3
In June of 2010 I went to the emergency room 2x and they did scans and blood test, they were stil not sure what I was having such horrible pains. Then on the 4th of july of 2010 i went back to the ER because i could barely stand up as the pain was so horrible. They did a CT scan and more blood work. they then contacted the OBGYN that was on call and she was going to come and do surgery but then my OBGYN called back and refused to have me touched before see saw me. So they admitted me for “pain control”. 

Over the next few days the pain went away and I wanted to go home, NOPE. Since I would at this hospital, they decided to send me to St. Peters in albany ny after being at Fox hospital for a week and I did not want to go. Almost all the doctors where in my room checking to see what they could do for me. Finally they signed me out to my friend Robbin who is my HCP and she took me to the other hospital. I then meet with surgeon, he explained what his was going to do. I was in surgery for about hour and 1/2 and they did find stage 3 ovarian cancer. It had gone to lymph nodes (causing the pain) it also wrapped around my appendix and had been incapsulated in the chest area, everything came out easily.

I then had to have an Powerport put in, (which I still have). I then went through 6 rounds of chemo, I was hospitalized after each time. I did my last treatment on 12/31/2010. They then did a PET scan and found Lymphoma stage 1. Ovarian cancer is totally gone-Lymphoma is still at stage 1.

My friend would not let me give up and I wanted to at times, just fight it!! :)
Never give up!!!! About three months ago I had a ultrasound and showed a tumor in my ovary, I prayed so much day and night changed my diet completely and stay away frm stress as much as possible… Last week I went back for another ultrasound and showed that the tumor was COMPLETEL
My beautiful Sister
My big Sister was always their for me and she is my Hero. Back in 2006 she thought she pulled a mussel in her right arm while at work ( she a Printer and proberly the only female doing this in this male world!) she being doing this job for 25 years at the same place! She went to the doctors to be told they would send her for a scan, she went for the scan to be given the results that it was breast cancer in the left Breast, they said that it was the early stages of breast cancer and that if she had not hurt her arm it would have never been found this early! We lost our Mum to Skin Cancer so we knew that word and what could happen and my sister was prepared to fight!

She had to have a full mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and loads of time at hospital, but as it was caught early she needed no Chemo! With being pulled about she never moaned once she just got in with it! They even re-built her nipple and they tattoo it so you can look as before!

This is now May 2014! My Sister has had her 7 year all clear yippee!!!!!!! And she was in the daily mail (uk paper) for losing weight as if she puts on weight her new boob does not grow like the rest of your body does!

I suppose that what I am trying to say is you just can’t give up, positive thoughts and wishes love and kisses and bad days happen! But where there’s a will there’s away, it’s not an easy road for the person who has to fight and the family who need to stay strong and believe, just don’t give up! Losing our Mum was the hardest thing in the world but my Sister fought and she won! Just believe that you can do it! I’m so proud of my Sister and love her all the world and if I can be half the person and is I know I’ll be fine, I’m just so glad I’ve got her in my life! Xxx Smile as life is full of miracles as I have a one in my life! Xx
I just wanna say that I love Paula Abdul. Ok. My granny who is 90 now has battled cancer ever since she was 60. She has had tumors removed and everything. She has had chemo. The cancer came back 6 times and she beat it. She beat it thank god.
My Mom
Dear Matt. I’m a huge fan of yours since the early days of Bros (also got the Cobra Album, The Key etc.) You are one of the biggest talents in pop music as a singer and as a songwriter. I’m from Switzerland, so forgive me the mistakes in my written english! I know what you are going through because I experienced the same thing with my mom whom I love more than anything and anyone in this world. Matt miracles exist, they do happen! My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was eighteen. She had an operation and chemotherapy. Now, 21 years later, I’m thirty nine years old and my mom is completely healthy and full of strength and energy. Everyday I’m thankful that she is still here with us and sometimes I can hardly believe it after what we’ve been through. Prayers helped a lot, so pray and pray and pray. I’m praying for your mom to. May she get healthy and strong and stay with you for many more happy years to come. God bless your Mom, you and your familiy. You’re doing great Matt. Your doing the right thing. Hug Pascal
my friend was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 33 after much treatment he beat it only to be told he would never children……4 weeks ago his beautiful daughter Grace was born. There is always hope
my beautiful butterfly: is 2 years that i think about my big friend who died for a non hodking lynphoma… yes, he died bit he has fight with all his courage and hope. i will always miss him first of all for his incredible courage. is that what all people have to have in theese situations. only hope and courage.
Keep Smiling.
I was Dx with Breast Cancer on the 25Th Feb 2013. I found a lump and went to the doctors, my Doctor didn’t seem to think it was anything serious, but sent me for a Mammogram to be sure. It was serious, it was Stage 3, Grade 3 Breast Cancer. I was in shock, all I could think of was my two boys. 2 operations and 6 chemo’s later I am still here and very much enjoying my life…
Stay strong, and trust in God. You can beat cancer, just stay positive..
Keep Smiling …
You can win!
When my eldest son was a newborn, my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a devastating blow to us, I was terrified my son would grow up without his grandmother. My Mum went into hospital to have the lump removed, followed by weeks of radiotherapy and a drug called tamoxifen which she took every day. My son is just about to have his 13 th birthday and we will be celebrating it with my Mum, who has no further illness of any kind. Stay positive, stay strong, you can do this xx
Faith creates inner strength and a place for miracles
By 18 I had already lived through what it was to loose a parent to cancer, so a few years ago when my stepdad was diagnosed with cancer it was like some cruel repeat of the same awful ride. Completely distraught by the news with a seeming incapacity to give voice to my stepdads condition – I felt that if I spoke the “c-word” it would make it all too real. Hope at such times can be so far, yet we desire with all our hearts to find it. I found hope in the faith I have in the miracles of heaven, in Gods ability to cast our sickness and give life to all who declare His goodness and faithfulness.

In church one morning, only a short time after learning of my stepdads illness and need for surgery, I stood almost without thinking. Next thing I knew I was declaring my stepdad would be healed by means of such a miracle. From that moment, any sense of doubt and fear was erased from my being.

I began to pray boldly with confidence, knowing that hope filled my heart and despite what the world was telling me via doctors, specialists, test results etc – it was going to be ok!

i prayed my stepdad would come through the surgery … well he did, but there was room for trial and doubt and when the last call came from the hospital the situation was so grim, doctors later referred to my stepdad as Lazarus – known to have been raised from the dead. Miracle achieved, but more to come…

The next step was a potentially lethal course of chemo and so again I prayed this time for minimal side effects because Gid promised he will give us no more than what we can cope with. At this time, my stepdad was just managing to hang in there so I giggled when miracle no. 2 appeared in the form of simple hiccups as my stepdads only side effect of this super dose of chemo – no sickness, no weakness and only mildly tired. Instead he was improving, up out of bed, gaining strength and home again. We praised God and prayed for His continued goodness.

After the op to remove the tumor from his bowel came a cruel waiting game – how bad was this cancer? Had they got it all? Had it spread? What would be the prognosis? Wow I needed a miracle a day just to get through those few days – it was like a bad dream that I just couldn’t wake up from.

i prayed some more – this time for any cancer to melt away like ice on a hot plate. Well news came from the doctors and it wasn’t great – the tumor in his bowel was in a difficult to reach position and there were no guarantees. Over the coming weeks CT scans and blood tests were ordered to derive a clearer picture of what we could expect.

I can say with confidence, joy and indescribable praise and glory to God that there was no cancer and there hasn’t been in the two years since. Every time my stepdad goes for another checkup it is another miracle when he comes from the doctors with a clear bill of health.

Miracles are truly an expression of God making the impossible reality – they are filled with hope and an abundance of blessings, inner strength and faith in something much bigger and greater than we can ever comprehend.

in my memory now this time is remembered as a time of love, a time to come together and hold each other up and share in the absolute joy that comes from seeing miracles realised!
I’m winning
I was taking a bath after curling all day, one Sunday in early December 2008. And there it was, the lump. As high up in my right breast as it could be, about one inch below my collar bone. It can’t be cancer, right? I was 34, never smoked, enjoyed a social wine but not regularly, no family history, exercised, no junk food.

I rang my GP surgery on the Monday and on saying the word ‘lump’ was given an appointment the next day. My GP referred me to my hospital saying she didn’t think it was anything sinister (well, she wasn’t going to want to worry me more than I was) but best to get it checked. Monday 22 December was my appointment with the specialist. I had an examination, mammogram, ultra sound and fine needle biopsy. My name was called and I was taken to a quite room. “We’re 95% sure it’s cancer”. Then everything became a blur of sound and words with tears dispersing the light. This wasn’t happening. I had gone to the hospital by myself so confident it was just a benign lump. I was asked to return two days later to receive the results.

So Christmas Eve, I take my best friend to hospital with me. It IS cancer. Grade 3. Two tumours found in my breast, one lymph node showing disturbing signs. How are you meant to deal with that news? How do you tell everyone who needs to? It’s Christmas Day tomorrow.

Six days later I had a mastectomy. I remember coming round from the anaesthetic and just crying. I was placed on a general ward where one nurse told me a breast wasn’t worth my life. This is true but not what you need to hear at this stage. I was given a temporary foam prosthetic and went shopping for some new tops as most of mine were V-neck so I was self conscious of people realising I only had one boob. I went home on New Year’s Eve and then had my 35th birthday a few days later, not that I went out on the town or anything.

In February I started chemo. 6 sessions in all. I lost all my hair, my fingernails and big toe nails but never lost my humour or determination to beat this crap. There were days where I was a horrible person due to the side effects of steroids. I hated that. It wasn’t me but I couldn’t help but be a grumpy, stroppy, shouting toad. Then a month of radiotherapy and also a drug called Herceptin for the next year. I had been prodded, poked, injected, scanned time and time again. You start to feel like a science project.

21 months to the day I had a reconstruction. I put on some weight through chemo but this meant I could have a tummy tuck. My new boob is called Bridget…I am not sure why, it was the first name to pop in my head. Her birthday is 29 September, so she shares it with Matt and Luke!

At the end of 2013 I received my official sign off. And to celebrate I went to Vegas with my friend Kelly to see Matt and get a big squeeze. Life has changed. But some is for the better. Nothing is ever taken for granted and you must let those around you feel your love. All I need now is to find my perfect man….
Battles won, My mother had cancer at the age of 39 she fought it and lived another 45 years cancer free, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, I had a mastectomy on one side and a lump removed on the other side . I had four grown up children and a young son of 7 ( my 40th birthday present ) . Before I was due to go in hospital I was at home on my own doing the ironing when I suddenly thought what if it too late (that I wouldn’t survive this) then I said “no that bitch is not going to get me” I then put rock and roll on my jukebox and never ever thought that again.I sailed through all the treatment, wasn’t sick with chemo, did lose my hair but that didn’t bother , had radiotherapy and no side effects either. I have now been cancer free for nearly 14 years. To anyone facing this I would say stay positive, as I told the nurses when I went in hospital I’d got a young son and I intended to see him grow up .
Bowel Cancer
Hi,I was diagnosed with bowel cancer when I was 35 and had been told by the doctor that it was IBS for a year. I changed GP’s and by the time I was diagnosed, I had stage 4 bowel cancer. There was also some shadowing on my lungs and the Doctors feared it had spread. I was told to start chemo ASAP and with luck I would respond to that, if not the prognosis was that I would have 12-18 months to live. This was a scary time, but I had great support and my daughter was just 18 months at the time. I looked at her and thought No, this cancer is not going to beat me. I took a day at a time and tried to be a positive as possible. Of course, you have tears and ‘why me’ times, and I allowed myself to cry but then brushed away my tears and enjoyed life. I only had to look at my little girl to get me through it, I love her so much and could not bear the thought of leaving her without her mummy, I also knew that I could not leave my husband or family. I wasn’t ready and I had too much to look forward to. Fortunately, I responded well to chemo, and they were able to perform surgery and my lungs turned out not to be connected. All in all I had 12 rounds of chemotherapy, 35 sessions of chemotherapy and 4 operations, (the major one was 11 hours longs and took some getting over), plus some other procedures and treatments here and there, but I rested when I needed to and enjoyed life when I could. I read that red wine and dark chocolate are good for fighting bowel cancer so that was a silver lining 😉 I don’t know if you would call this a miracle but I have been cancer free for 18 months and am loving my life with my beautiful daughter, now nearly 4, and my wonderful family and friends. I truly believe a positive outlook works wonders, and a massive thankyou to all the amazing staff at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, England and The Christie cancer hospital who saved my lifexx
Thyroid cancer
My story begins when my first child, jack, was only 15 months old. I was 29. My world very quickly changed when I was told I had Thyroid cancer. The complete shock that sank in is something I will live with for the rest of my life. I was so scared of not seeing Jack grow up, of leaving my mum and dad without their daughter and my husband without his wife! I researched and asked lots of questions as I felt I needed to know everything. I prepared myself for 2 surgeries and 3 lots of radioactive iodine treatment. The treatment was hard because I was literally radioactive and kept away from my family for a week on each treatment. That’s tough when your baby boy just wants his mum!! Thankfully, with the love and support if my family, I was given the all clear in April 2007! I have 6 monthly checkups and thank god that I’ve remained clear to this day. I have also been blessed with a beautiful daughter now too. For anyone who is battling the cancer road in life I urge you to stay strong, be positive and fight!! Much love and prayers to you and your family Matt. X
breast cancer hope
I know nearly everyone has experienced it themselves or have someone in the family that suffer or have suffered from some form of cancer.

My mum had her first cancer (thyroid) when I was 6yrs old (which is 32yrs ago) and survived it with lots of long lasting treatments which weren’t that advanced back then as they are now.

5 yrs ago she was told that she had breast cancer. I always asked myself why does this silly cancer comes to good people. She fought hard n stayed positive and got the all clear 3 years later.

Last October unfortunately the cancer re-appeared in her breast and she had to undergo a mastectomy. She is now recovering remarkably well but it is a constant fear.

That’s 32yrs of living with it…and she is still alive and kicking and I’m so proud of her. No idea how she got through all this.

Hope this gives a little hope to everyone else who has to deal with it n I wish everyone lots of strengths
Breast Cancer
2 weeks before Christmas 2012, my mother announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The innitial shock was followed by support, hope, strengh and a lot of fear and pain. Only she could truly describe how hard this battle was, especially since after the chemotherapy she got diagnosed with severe heart-problems – appartently the chemotherapy had weakened her heart, which led to two very close brushes with death.

Today, she is feeling better, or at least finally ready to take on the psychological effect all this had on her. I loved my mum before, but today this love is even deeper and supported by a very strong respect for her. Our family went through hell, but we went through it together and our bond is stronger than ever. We appreciate eachother and value every single moment we can share!
I beat vulva cancer
about 6 years ago after a routine visit to my hospital a junior nurse was giving me a checkup and let her practise on me for a bit.

well she discovered what i thought was just a pimple, she wouldnt let it go even when the consultant said it was all right.

everything moved fast after that, i had surgery to remove the affected area and couple of months later i had surgery for a tidy up. after a load more tests i was told no more treatment

was needed because the student nurse has spotted the early signs. so far so good, hope everything turns out well for everyone . positive mental attitude.
my brother
My lovely brother was diagnosed with hodgkinons lymphoma aprox 4 years ago. This shocked and scared us all. However after 6 months of chemotherapy and a tough battle my beautiful brother is as healthy as can be and cancer free!!!
My mum
My mum was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2010. The shock and horror that resonated through our family was heartbreaking. She underwent surgery twice and needed radiotherapy. She has a yearly mammogram and so far she is clear. I thank God and everyone’s prayers that she is still with us. There are groundbreaking treatments appearing every day thanks to cancer research. Never give up hope. Love to all. From a daughter who adores her family more than anything . Xxxx
The right to live….
About ten yeasr ago….. My cousin, breastcancer….it was as if the world stopped turning, not her, why…?

I seen her change, on the outside, but her fighterinstinct was always there. Yes, there were times she wanted to give up, and yes, she went through hell and back. But she never let go, so did we, as her family. A simple phonecall, a nice card, a small conversation, anything could make a difference. Even respecting her silence, as she needed the space to talk to herself, to “put things on a line” as we say it here.

She kept fighting, telling us it was her only goal in life….to live. As a family we had terrible days, we worried, we prayed and we hoped….but she was the one doing it, fighting. As she said herself “it’s my right to live” . Even in the days we thought she wouldn’t make it, she showed us how strong she was, giving us new hope that she would survive this year from hell. And I can tell you this: she didn’t just survive… She LIVES ! Hell yeah, she’s taken her right to live in her own hands ! And cancer did not get her down !


✨Keep fighting for your right to live and never give up !✨

Much love, Veerle.
My story
My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age off 55 , as usual at this age mammograms are quite normal , we expected it to come back ok , so we wernt too worried , I was working in America at the time , as I am a nanny , I got a phone call from my dad to come home .. But I insisted he told me over the phone ..

he then then explained that the mammogram showed a shadow of cells .. Which was confirmed as breast cancer .. I was totally devasted and distraught and was on the next plane home ., deserting my job in the states !! I was in such an emotional state , I was petrified, scared I would lose my mum as we were so close ..

she was then booked in to have her breast removed , then started chemotherapy straight away , I also took time off to look after her , I was overwhelmed how well she coped with the illness , she never complained and she just got on with life .. I was trying to be strong for my mum but it was soo hard , I was so scared my mum was going to die , but I always had hope and faith she would be ok .. It’s so important to have faith , beleive in being positive energy !!


Thankfully she she got through it and got all clear 6 years ago and she’s still with us
Always believe
My mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer 8 years ago. Osteosarcoma is normally a childhood cancer found in long bones of the body, more prevelent in males. My mam was 55 & it was in the metatarsal of her right big toe. So far, so unlucky. Right from the beginning my mam was determined to overcome & conquer the disease.
Unfortunately she had an allergic reaction to her very first course of chemo & ended up on coronary care, but that wasn’t going to get in her way.
My mam took the really brave decision to have her leg amputated below the knee before proceeding with a new chemo regime.
This gave her the best chance of making it through. 8 years later she’s still here & living life to the full!
I am ashamed that I struggled to cope, as a daughter it was so hard seeing my precious mother go through such a terrible time & on occasions she was the one pulling us through as a family.
After a truly awful 12 months after her diagnosis things eased. We never gave up hope & our faith & prayers helped us through. Always believe, as hard as it gets, don’t give up. X
Screenings Save Lives
Almost nine years ago, my Father found out that he had Prostate cancer. He received his diagnosis one month before his father died of Lung cancer. The loss of my Grandpa was hard on the family and not wanting to cause my brother or I any other grief, my father kept the diagnosis to himself. It wasn’t until just after the new year in 2006 that my father finally sat my brother and I down and told us what he had been going through. Naturally the news was upsetting and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t scared. I’ve lost more relatives to various forms of cancer than I care to count. But my father reassured us that it was going to be alright. A few days later he went into surgery to have his prostate removed and with it the cancer. Thanks to regular screenings, the cancer was detected before it had the chance to move beyond the Prostate gland. Nine years later and my father is still cancer free and living proof that screenings save lives.
one step at a time
It was 2,5 years ago when I got the phonecall at work. There was something in my Mum’s brest, that wasn’t supposed to be there. I remember my heart started racing and I felt I couln’t breathe, because, this didn’t happen to us, this happens to others. Questions of How, Why, When and What tummbled through my head and then something took over. I sat down and I breathed and right there I decided to take One step at a time. Yes they found something, but we didn’t know what is was yet. So that’s what it was at that moment nothing more nothing less.

It turned out to be cancer. So I said to myself, ok it’s cancer but there is reason enough to belief she will survive this. The doctors didn’t know if the cancer had spread, but the lump in her brest was still small so there was a great chance it didn’t spread. I held on to that, One step at a time. My mum went into surgery and it hadn’t spread, so she didn’t need chemotherapy, “only” radiotherapy.

Thankfully she responded well to the therapy and after three of four months she was cleared. Now she is still clear.

It’s a horrible thing to hear that your mother has brestcancer and it really helped me going through the proces just to take one step at a time. Try not to think too far ahead because there’s a chance on recovering. They have come so far with research and someday they wil find a cure, they will. Hold on to hope and that there are miracles and even when I allowed myself to think what if? I told myself that I am strong enough to handle that when it would come to that and then I let go again and focussed on the current moment.

This experience and reading about so many people getting ill and fighting to get better made me realise that I have to live NOW, not tommorow or next week but NOW. and eventhough it’s not always that easy I really try to do that. I am thankful that my mum’s still here and thankful that I’m healthy and surrounded by people that love me and I get to love

Wishing you love, hope and strength

6 years on and my mum is all clear from blood cancer healed by God’s grace
in 2008 my mum went for a routine blood test. About a week later the hospital asked her to come in for another check up immediately. The doctors were concerned
because the level of her red blood cells were very low. She used to feel exhausted all the time but never really thought anything of it.

She had a few blood transfusions but eventually her cells would still be low and she felt helpless. We were then struck with really bad news, she was diagnosed with MDS a Leukaemia related disease. The doctors had advised that she only had approximately 2 years left to live unless she found a donor. My family and I were really worried about her and she was absolutely devastated.

From then I put my mum on every prayer list I could find and took her to all the healing meetings I came across. We later got good news that her sister was a match, however this is not 100% guranteed. My mum was later admitted to the hospital where she then had a stem cell transplant. At that point she was in alot of pain and wasn’t herself.

One evening Marc Dupont who has a healing ministry came to Church ….I went over to him and explained that I wanted to pray for my mum who was in hospital at the time. He asked me to bring a prayer cloth to be prayed over and to take it with me when i went to see her in hospital and to pray over her.

After we had prayed over her she started to feel alot better that very same day. One night she had a vision of Jesus standing in front of her. It was not a dream as she was awake and she called out to the Lord. Then she started to have faith in the Lord and believe that she was healed.

6 years later by the grace of God she is healthly and still with us. She no longer needs any more blood transfusions even the doctors were amazed at her progress and speedy recovery

I give honour, glory and praise to the Lord because he always delivers us in our time of need. Amen
H.O.P.E. Hold. On. Pain. Ends
My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer on 19th April 2006. It was picked up on her mammogram. The treatment was a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In 2011 she got the 5 year all clear and she is doing well year on year.

As part of a study for research she had yearly MRI scans on her heart. 2 years ago they picked up a leaky valve and irregular heartbeat which they wouldn’t have noticed if not for the MRI scans.

The doctors who looked after my mum did an awesome job and she’s getting stronger everyday, so stay strong and have hope. Hold On Pain Ends!

There’s always support out there <3
I volunteer on a local level in a very small way for Macmillan Cancer Support. I’m on our local committee, I fundraise, write letters, pass on information to people. Doing this has given me the great privilege of hearing some wonderful stories of hope.

One of the most common misconceptions of charities like Macmillan is that it is only there for palliative care when nothing else can be done. This is not the case. Macmillan (and other wonderful charities and organisations) support cancer patients throughout their journeys. Macmillan nurses can attend consultant appointments with patients, asking questions about treatment protocols and suggesting some that are newer and may not ordinarily be offered. One amazing case of this was a woman in my area who was told 15 years ago that she had an inoperable brain tumour. The Macmillan nurse was able to work with the consultant to permit a new treatment protocol. The tumour was injected with a virus, and 15 years on she is still here, enjoying life.

A friend, and fellow member of our local Macmillan group was diagnosed in 2012 with cancer, she underwent operations and chemo, but now she’s so much better, in great form, back to bossing everyone on the committee about and making things happen.

Quite often families and loved ones of cancer patients feel that they need to be strong for the patient and can’t show any weakness in front of them, or talk about their own fears. That’s a heavy load to carry, but there is help available, whether that be someone coming and sitting with the patient for an hour so they can go get their hair done, or take a walk, or being on the end of the phone just to listen and let the family member talk about everything they have been bottling up.

No one is ever alone, there is always someone there to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on. This website is a wonderful idea, sharing stories of hope to provide inspiration to patients and their loved ones.


Say NO to sunbeds please
In July 2003 I was diagnosed with a Malignant Melanoma (skin cancer). At the time I was single and was a regular user of sunbeds, going for 12 minutes at a time 2-3 times a week.

I had already had the offending mole removed which resulted in a nice delicate little scar. My next operation was a wider excision to remove 2cm of tissue. Much to my shock this resulted in a 10″ scar. But also the full removal of my cancer.

I was treated by an amazing surgeon who explained everything calmly and let me ask an abundance of random questions. He went on to explain that my cancer was very rare (that explained the 3 week delay in the NHS making the malignant melanoma diagnosis), and in his 25+ years experience I was only his 2nd patient with this form of cancer. The other was a builder whose body had been subject to extreme natural sun exposure. I had never bared my bottom to the natural sun so my melanoma was courtesy of sun bed use!

I had 5 years of monitoring and have been discharged from follow-up’s for 6 years now.

In the few days from my diagnosis to my operation I was lucky enough to see my idol Matt Goss twice; Shepherds Bush Empire and London Pride. It felt like he was here in the UK just for me. At Shepherds Bush I was sat just a few seats away from Carol and Matt’s beloved Grandad. The pride on their faces was beautiful.

Debbi xx
Jesus heals
It’s been now about 9-10 yrs,that my Mom is completely healed from breast cancer,she’s full of life and “over runs” event the young girls haha,it happened one afternoon my sis’ gave me a call that our Mom has a cancer,and in that time I went thru my own battles with my life style which completely worn me out..but in these times I always spoke to my Mom and she was so relaxed,and instead of me ecourage her,she was the one who supported me,and I didn’t understand at that time.Later on I found out that her cousin daily visited her with the word of God a ministered to her,even during the chemo she was so strong in spirit,which make us all in those weeks her dear cousin read her from the bible,prayed and my Mom believed and gave her life to Jesus and instantly a miracle happened,my Mom was healed,Hallelujah,now I know Him as well,He is the only healer and the things we can’t do for ourselves He can do! Father God,I thank you for Carol and for what you are going to do,in the name of Jesus I bind every spirit of lies,doubts and fears and loose the Spirit of the Living God into Carols life!In Jesus’ name I command the cancer to die and leave her body right now,cancer I command you go in the name of Jesus!I plead a blood of Jesus over her organs and I claim your word that by your stripes,Carol is healed!Lord God I ask you send to Carol someone as you sent the cousin to my Mom to minister her,come Holy Spirit prepare Carols heart for your coming,I ask you Father for a mighty miracle in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!Amen
Faith and Hope
My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 whilst I was living overseas. She had the diagnosis, operation and had started radio therapy before she told me, over the phone. I was upset that she hadn’t let me be there for her but she said that she ‘didn’t want to upset me’. She was the one that was ill but was more concerned about how I would take it. That’s the kind of woman she is. She is also a very spiritual person and has so much faith that things will turn out right that it kind of rubs off on the people that surround her. Mom is now eight years cancer free, has got to see her first grandchild grow up and is fighting fit. She says that faith and hope were the key for her successful recovery and I believe that totally. Sending love and prayers to Carol. God bless. xox
Love, Faith and Hope. The greatest of these is LOVE!
It was the year 2000, as a family we were looking forward to our first wedding. My mum was the most excited to see her son getting married in the summer. What happened next in the start of the year we did not see coming! My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It all happened after my sister was talking to my mum that she had found a lump in her breast. My mum a women a prayer said it was nothing that she had one. However, my sister was clear my mum started to get pain in her breast. She went for a check up and before we knew it we were battling as a family against breast cancer. My mum did not want my brother to cancel his wedding plans and told him he should carry, as she will be around to see it. We never argue with my mum, what she says goes!!

She had her breast removed and went through chemotherapy. We as a family kept Love, faith & hope at the center. My mum is very private person and we as a family only told very few people at church who supported us with prayer and love. My mum’s best friend kept her hopes up by calling her daily just to have a good old chin wag and laughing. All seem to be going well, my mum was even strong enough to yell at me once to get my ass home to pray (i went wondering as i was finding it hard at one point to keep strong) . That made me laugh i knew she was on the mend.

It was nearing the time of my bothers wedding we had hope that my mum would beat this disease. Then one day after having had chemo my mum was at home with my dad she had turned purple and was going in and out of consciousness. My dad picked he up & told us to pray and that he was not going to loose her. So we prayed as a family. On arrival at the hospital she was immediately seen by the top consultants and got the best care on the NHS.

On review they said that they may have misdiagnosed her as he reaction to the chemo was not seen before. In fact she should have died because because the treatment had actually poisoned her. (We to this day don’t know what the truth was regarding the lump they removed) However, my mum not only survived, she saw my brother get married, and the birth of her first grandchild and the birth of two more grand children. She survived and 14 years later is still with us. In her words, she’s thankful for the prayers, love and the grace of God that kept her alive till this day as it was a miracle that she survived.

We as a family have been praying for Carol and we know that Love, faith and hope will see her through to her miracle. She will see her grandchildren too.

Bless you all x
There is hope
My mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer, she went through bouts of chemo and had part of her breast removed but she came through the other side and beat it. She has been clear for 10 years or more. There is always hope. Xxx
by accident
It was 1997 and I was traveling to work when a truck wiped out my car, after months of different tests it was discovered I had a tumor in my spinal chord and was lucky in one way the accident happened otherwise it may not have been discovered. My brilliant surgeon was able to remove the whole thing and with alot of prayer and love from loved ones helped get me through.fortunately I have been cleared of cancer for 10yrs and I believe so much that prayer and strength was a big part of my healing. I wish carol love, light and healing energy and my prayers are with you. God bless xoxo

Jodie lee
our nightmare started on 26/4/2013 the day before my 39th birthday , my mum went to her GP for some results from a chest x ray due to a cough an night . mums health seemed fine just a cough and a noise in her throat when she slept . we were all going to go for a family meal the next day to celebrate my birthday . when mum took longer than normal at the GP me and my 3 sisters were really worried and sent 1 of mums son in laws to go see were she was ( by now us 4 sisters were sat saying nothing but deep down all new something wasnt right ) . mum had been diagnosed with lung cancer …everybody just fell to pieces , lots of tests in 2 weeks then told mums lungs were completely fine ..more tests ..all feeling like we were dreaming not knowing if mum was ill or if she was fine . eventually after another week of tests mum was diagnosed with throat cancer. everybodys life including mums 7 young grandchildren , the cancer was in a place that could not be surgically remover , mum had a line fitted into her stomach and was told she had a very hard battle ahead of her and 1 of the things she was going to need most was positive outlook ..a lovely nurse at hospital told mum she was going to do all she could to help mum but she didnt want mum to give up emotionally ..” you,ve gotta fight colette she said” mum started intense treatment in june radiotherapy every day except weekends and chemotherapy …nothing could have prepared us for the next few months we watched our mum deteriating in front of us , hardest time in our lives mum was hospitalised for over 2 months as she was so sick …finished treatment in august ..mums tumor has shrunk and she has checks every 6- 8 weeks . mum was told early on that she may lose her voice and she probably wont be able to eat or drink again..everything she needed could go through the peg….mum is still really weak but the tumor is no longer there , she hasnt lost her voice though it did go for a while..and she has started to drink and can take very small bits of food …it is a very long process!! we dont have our mum back how she was but we do still have her and slowly but surely shes getting there …..the profesor who looked after mum told us …to make your mum better i have to make her very sick and he couldnt have put it better …carol you can do this , dont look at the big picture just take each day as it comes and im sure you too will be like my mum now …..i didnt think id see my mum on my birthday this year but i did…instead of going to vegas to see matt goss i spent the day with my beautiful mum and we even had a drink …to all the goss family keep strong you love to you all …maria in liverpool xxx
Positivity and Love Is The Key
My name is Carol and I live in the UK.

I had just seen my music idol Matt Goss in concert. I felt quite poorly when I got home and went to the doctor. It turned out I had Laryngitits and when I asked the doctor if that was why I had a large lump in my throat her face told me that it wasn’t related.

She was brilliant and referred me to for further tests. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 33 and it was a shock. Telling people was hard especially my parents and I think in a way they found it harder to deal with than I did. I just made the decision that I wasn’t going to mope around and let this horrible disease beat me and those amazing doctors took out my thyroid and with a follow up radiotherapy treatment I have been cancer free for 9 years.

I didn’t research my condition because I wanted to be positive and know that I could win, I’m glad I didn’t because it turns out that thyroid cancer is a lot more serious that I knew and I was very lucky that I got through it.

The love of my friends and family was key and they got me through it as much as the doctors did. The best thing was that we still laughed the same, had the same fights and kept everything normal the way it always was.

If you are going through cancer or your loved one is keep smiling, keep laughing, keep hoping, keep loving. Love and hope is the strongest medicine there is.

Smile be courageous and fight !
My name is Amanda and I live in the UK.

Back in October the GP found a lump in my breast I had no idea it was there despite checking myself. I felt like my world had fallen apart. I didn’t feel I could burden my friends or my family before Christmas. I had no one I felt I could talk to. I stopped going out and tried to deal with everything alone. I didn’t want to go to work I wouldn’t get out of bed! Somedays I would stay in my pyjamas and watch old movies feeling sorry for myself.

After Xmas I could not keep the news to myself and it was the hardest thing speaking to those closest.

It was the best decision I could have made. With love and support and lots of laughter I felt I could fight. I had my smile back. Laughter is the best medicine. Warm hugs are a close second. Even when I didn’t want to go anywhere I got up, put on a smile and went.

To be courageous you need support and love and then you can fight stronger together. To beat cancer you need an army you cannot try to do it alone. Surround yourself with the people who love you.

In February I had surgery and after 5 weeks went back to work with the good news all is well.

There is always hope!!

Keep The Faith and Hope
I was 10 years old when my beloved grandmother was diagnosed the leukemia.Her doctors told that,unfortunately, it is only five years,at the best case .But my grandmother said ,it’s too short for her, she will wants to dance at the wedding of her granddaughter.And she did!Happily danced at my wedding and even held the hands of all the three great-grandchildren.She was constantly treatments, but she was a great fighter,who never gave up!She never left the faith and the love of her family.I am very proud of my grandmother,she was amazing strong!

I can only say that never give up hope,just believe in and the miracle happens.

Dear Carol,Matt,Luke,Adam and family:Sending prayers and all my love from Hungary ❤️

“Where there is love, there is hope”

My journey began when my best friend found out she had breast cancer during a routine yearly check-up. The very next day she had both breast removed and started chemo. It was that aggressive. She was always my inspiration for everything, her faith was so strong that surely God had much more work for her to do. She was always a fighter and would stand her ground. She met everything in life good or bad head on and never looked back. But most of all she had laughter and joy in life and family. So the road was challenging and long for her as is for anyone fighting this battle. But she had all the support in the world from family, friends, church and faith. She also never gave up “HOPE”. Being strong by nature she shaved her head right away and bought her favorite hats and a wig to look like Raquel Welch out of pure light hearted spirit, willingness to fight and just for her own strength. As she went thru the normal routines of the daily grind she was very tired but she would always say the funniest things and expected that we all do the same. She wanted her life to remain as normal as it could during the process. You see she was always the person that was so strong, with such faith and beliefs, with such laughter in her heart and not to mention she sang and played the piano all the time. She never lost “HOPE” because we never lost “HOPE”. She was the one person that was always there for anyone and still is today. My very best friend had all the hope of the world behind her and now we relinquish all the “HOPE” to Carol, to Matt and anyone else fighting this battle because you are not alone. Together we will inspire the “MIRACLE” that Carol needs now most of all, right now at this time. As you read this, pray with urgency that Carol keeps the fight within her to battle for her life. And might I add that there is no stronger person than Matt to be by his beautiful mum’s side, she is his world, his everything and Matt is ultimately the definition of “HOPE, FAITH, STRENGTH, CARE and LOVE”. We are all with you in this journey Matt and we will never give up “HOPE”. All my love Matt, xo
Cancer Survivors All Around Me
Cancer has come into my world many times and I only have stories of restored health. My two best friends from college both came down with cancer in their 30s. One had cervical cancer the other had breast cancer. Through love, support and determination both women are still very vital today in their fifties and continue to help others through their work in human services.

My ex husband also was found to have a cancerous brain tumor when he was in his thirties. An operation removed the growth at his brain stem and today he continues to be very well and in his 50s.

Most recently my housekeeper just pasted 7 years cancer free after having dealt with breast cancer. Another associate just passed her first year after being treated for breast cancer. My sister in law, just passed her 5 year cancer free benchmark after battling breast cancer.

And last a very dear coworker was diagnosed with Stage 4 non Hodgkins Lymphoma 2 years ago. When he announced he was ill he also said he would beat it. His attitude and the attitude of everyone around him carried him through. He cut his work schedule back from 60 hours a week to 40 and never missed more than 2 days in a row. He treated himself well and focused on health. We prayed, we supported and we believed. He received prescribed treatments and within months the cancer was gone from his body. His life is restored and in addition to his very full time job he is back to volunteering at the Humane Society.

Dear Carol, I pray for you and others fighting cancer and send you strength to restore your body to balance and health. Believe in the body’s ability to heal!

Poppy’s Daddy
My neighbours hubby had suffered digestive pain for months & was prescribed Antacids! Things came to a head when he & his wife had to cut their holiday short as he was in such pain. My friend accompanied her hubby to the Dr & insisted on a referral. The follow up investigations discovered he’d been suffering from testicular cancer & the tumour had exploded! It was around this time they discovered Poppy was on her way. There were times when he was too radioactive to be near his pregnant wife. He finished his successful treatment & my friend went into labour that night. He got to hospital to cut her cord & is now watching her start school & grow up.❤❤❤
Attitude is everything
I have been touched by cancer several times. Myself, I have had melanoma 2 times and beat it, I’m 37 years old. My message for that is, there is never a ‘safe tan’…it can literally take one bad sunburn and end up with cancer several years later like myself. For me, there was no giving in, the thought of my little girl not having her mother was just to much to even consider, so I fought, and I won.

My mother has survived breast cancer not once, but twice. The first time I was pregnant with my daughter, and Mum used that as her incentive to stay positive and fight, there was no way she was missing out on the birth of her grand-daughter. Mum was told she was clean a year after my daughter was born. Two years after that, she got it again….and again fought, and stayed positive. She got through it again.

Now, she has been diagnosed a third time, and is determined to again beat it. I hope and pray that my family’s love is strong enough to deliver a third miracle to us. The strength and grace my Mum shows is inspirational, even though this time it is a lot worse. We will get through it as a family.

Take care Matt (Luke and Shirley, Adam and Sam, Tony too)….there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter where it leads.
I watched my Dad fight through the disease multiple times. Against all odds the amazing man stayed strong; I know the prayers of family, friends, and his faith got him through it. We are by Devine design; we are strong when we understand and believe. Prayers and faith to you and yours.
When my mom was going through her treatments she always said “God only gives his biggest battles to his strongest soliders”, that statement has never been truer when you see someone go through cancer treatments. When you keep with the positive attitude and uplifting messages,they will go so much further in this battle than anyone could have expected, they will defy the odds. Keep hope alive. Prayers are with you.

Through the eyes of a nurse
Started working on our pediatric intensive care unit in july ’96. For privacy reasons I cannot tell you any details, please understand. But let me tell you a story of a little girl I once knew….

A girl upstairs in oncology isn’t well, needs to come to us for intensive care, and we know it’s one of the little fighters that needs our help. (‘Fighters’, yes, because that’s what they are ) We say hello to the child and her parents, knowing we’re their last hope, and we know that their fear and their pain is too deep….

There are days where nothing seems to go right, and days we build up new hope. There are hours we litterally stand next to the childs bed, and all we can do is fight and hope she doesn’t give up. But we’re not giving up, so come on little one, keep fighting….

And then…..that moment…that one moment where things turn around and little eyes look at you…yes !

Her fight wasn’t over then, but she never gave up…..and after many years her eyes….yes, they are still shining……. for this little lady has beat cancer !


✨✨keep fighting, never lose hope, keep your eyes shining…..much love, Veerle. Xxx✨✨
Where there is life, there is hope.
My cancer story really started way back in 1995 when my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer (too late) and died one month and one day after diagnosis. I was only 22 and way to young to lose my mum. Her sister, my aunt, died just a few short years later.

In late June 2009, I found out that my Sister in law’s best friend Belinda had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I couldn’t believe it – someone so young (she was 34). As I had only had a baby the November before and was still breastfeeding – I guess I became a little lax at doing regular breast checks. After Bel’s diagnoses, I did one and thought I felt a little hard bit, but wasn’t really sure – who knows what it really feels like – right? I left it and didn’t get it checked, because I just assumed it was nothing. About three weeks later I was hopping into the shower when my arm brushed against the side of my left breast and it hurt. I did another check and thought to myself “its getting bigger”. So, i spent two days keeping it to myself – thinking i was going to die (that was my experience with cancer – you get it, you die). I eventually told my husband and he had me up to our local dr within 2o minutes.

Go forward a month and after some extensive testing – I was diaganosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with 8 out of 18 lymph nodes affected with cancer cells. I was “lucky” that I was Her2+ and hormone negative (sounds kind of silly to say lucky – but that’s how i see it). I went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy (TAC regimine) before a mastectomy and then more chemo with the added wonder drug Herceptin. I also had 5 weeks of radiation in May 2010 and my Herceptin treatment lasted a year.

I have three children and they were 4.5 years, 20 months and 8 months when i was diagnosed, and I am so happy to say they are 9, 6 and 5 now. I am 4 years post diagnosis. Was it easy? Hell no. Did I go through major depression during and after my treatment? Yes. And its an ongoing thing, I still worry about silly little pains that are nothing to others – but are possible cancer growths in my new world.

If there is one thing I learnt about cancer – its that it only seems to happen to nice people. I have learnt that the cancer patient gets the easiest part of the deal – its the family members that spend the time worrying, helping, researching and watching their loved ones going through it.

What I found helped me? Music – during chemo sessions, really helped the time to go faster. My aunty sent me a text message EVERY chemo day telling me that she is thinking about me – that always made me smile and made me feel good. People who dropped off food for our family or were there just to listen when we needed to vent. My friend who started up a facebook page to let all our friends and family know how treatment was going and a place for people to offer support. It was so many little things – just that knowing that people are worried for you and care about you made you know there was a reason to get up everyday and fight.

My friend Belinda who i mentioned at the start of this message – she died just over a year ago. I feel guilt at times (survivor’s guilt) that I am still here when so many of my friends I have met along the way have died. But, I make a point of living every single day for them as well as myself. I can’t say I will be here in one year, in five years, in twenty years, but I know that whatever time i have left, i am going to enjoy it and live it. God bless your mum Carol, Matt and to everyone fighting cancer. My little motto during my treatment phase was “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” and I ask you all to do that today, and tomorrow. A friend met an older man in a hospital waiting room last year and as they chatted, he said to her “where there is life, there is hope”.

Cathy. Australia
My family was recently touched with cancer, my husband just completed 6 weeks of treatments, he kept working thru it all. Prays work, never stop praying or believing. I have an optimistic view on the next round of tests, I believe he will be cured and he will be.

My mother survived cancer, she will be 80 this month and my mother-in-law is a cancer survivor and my husbands brother beat it also, Stay strong and Pray…..Gods Power is massive, unlimited and all we need to do is ask and it will be done, just have faith and stay positive.

Keep your chin up for her and she will gain strength from you, That’s what family is for.

Your family will be added to the prayer list,

Hi Matt…. I haven’t had cancer but my mum did. She had a long and hard fight but she’s clean and still here . It was a long road and a time full of fear. But Matt, keep praying and hoping.. Miracles do happen

Your mum in my thoughts and prayers.

Lots of love, @Helga_xXx_
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